West Hartford photographer Stacie Turner

Connecticut photographer takes portraits of children in West Hartford I’m a photographer in West Hartford, CT.

I like to read.

Despite delusions to the contrary I am forced to admit, based on the vegetable output and weed overgrowth every year, that I am a terrible gardener.

I have twins.

I manage to find time to read even with twin kindergarteners children. How is it possible these children are in first second grade?

I don’t find time to weed.

I do find time to make pictures.

I’ve been shooting since before I hit puberty and first hung a shingle out as a family and children’s portrait photographer in West Hartford in 2008. My goal when I take photographs of children isn’t to capture a fake smile or a forced grin but rather to let not only who your child is today but she she dreams of being shine through. A portrait should show you who a person truly is, not just what they look like.

I work mainly with toy and vintage film cameras. This unusual approach ensures that my work looks like no one else’s. My personal work with these tools has been shown in art galleries across the country, has won numerous awards and been called “iconic.”

Along with portrait work I offer mentoring to other portrait and wedding photographers and keep engaged in my personal work.

I would love a chance to work with you and your child to create a portrait that is a treasure you’ll look at even when she’s out of pigtails, even when he’s more worried about calculus than playing catch. Contact me to find out how we can set up a portrait session for you and your family.

If you are interested in purchasing or licensing any of the images seen on this site please email me

Stacie Turner is an award winning fine art and children's photographer in West Hartford,
Connecticut. Her portraits of children capture not just who your child is but who she dreams
of being. Her children's portrait photography is elegant, simple and beautiful and is
designed to last a lifetime. Her work has been shown in galleries across the country; why
settle for the average photographer down the street when you can work with an artist to capture
pictures you will treasure for a lifetime?

Please contact Stacie if you are interested in booking a portrait session or using images seen on this site.