My Own Twinkies

My Twins are Six!

 Six. They are SIX. How on earth is that possible? I was getting kicked from the inside last week. I remember thinking, “if I just make to to six WEEKS of breastfeeding I’ll go get a pedicure to reward myself.” Wasn’t I JUST an exhausted mess from never the kind of sleep deprivation only multiple…

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Stacie Turner is an award winning fine art and children's photographer in West Hartford,
Connecticut. Her portraits of children capture not just who your child is but who she dreams
of being. Her children's portrait photography is elegant, simple and beautiful and is
designed to last a lifetime. Her work has been shown in galleries across the country; why
settle for the average photographer down the street when you can work with an artist to capture
pictures you will treasure for a lifetime?

Please contact Stacie if you are interested in booking a portrait session or using images seen on this site.